About Otherly…

Meet Morgana – Creator of Otherly (10 min watch – be sure to catch the outtakes!)

Connection • Community • Culture

There is contagious magic and great comfort, in community…
in knowing that you do not walk alone.

Otherly is a private online studio created for neurodivergent women who are ready to step out of the shadows and take their place in a neurotypical world. We actively share knowledge, insight, and compassion while supporting each other as we journey to become the most confident, fearless, fabulous, and authentic version of ourselves.

We learn new skills through workshops, quests, events, and connection. We lean in and get messy. We grow. Most importantly we rally together in community as we shed outdated thinking, dissolve stereotypes, and move forward together, planting seeds of neurodiversity and neuro-inclusivity within ourselves and society.

We are Otherly and we move forward unapologetically as our most confident, joyful authentic selves  

We’re Private

We’re not on Facebook anymore, Dorothy…

Otherly is a private, safe, and supportive community, created by women, for women and those identify as such.

You won’t find any ads, trolls or nasty comments, and we have absolutely no tolerance for unkind behavior.

What You Get

Respect. Compassion. Skills, Understanding. Insight. Inclusion. Workshops. Peer Support. Confidentiality. Quests. Direction. Strength. Knowledge. Acceptance. Peace. Events. Connection with otherly others who get you. A few laughs – maybe even a great cookie recipe or some swag, like a mug, or something…

Who knows! We’re just getting started.


At Otherly we support all women, including individuals who identify as female.

We are inclusive. We support all races, religions, sexual orientations, and etc. with love and respect. 

If these points don’t align with your beliefs, you do not belong here.

Is it Free?

Nope. (but we offer a super deluxe free trial!)

What We’re Creating

Like we mentioned earlier, we’re not on Facebook anymore… We’re a private studio. No ads. No distractions. No trolls, and we don’t mine your data (the security alone for this place costs us three fortunes every month!).

We’re creating an active, engaging community & studio – not a free community that attracts thousands of members who sit on the sidelines and contribute next to nothing… We’re building a community of members who share, support, care, and make a difference.

We’re creating a community that has value. A community that supports its members as they learn and explore so that they can boldly take their place (not the place assigned to them by others)







 in a neurotypical society. A community that makes a difference not only for its members, but in its turn, for society as a whole.

Translation: This community is not for you if all you want to do is read a few posts and make a comment from time to time. It’s not a back seat community and you won’t get much out of it by sitting on the sidelines.

This is a front seat community. We encourage you to jump in with the rest of us. Tell us how your day was. Share the challenges. Celebrate the wins. Highlight what’s working. Laugh. Cry. Explore. Get messy.

This community is about engagement. It’s active. You’re gonna learn some new sh*t and do some new sh*t as you step forward and become unapologetically your most authentic and amazing self.

About You

You. Are. Ready.

You’re ready to live life on your terms, ready to confidently step into who you are. You’re ready to learn, get messy. Grow.

You’re not waiting for permission any more. You’re ready to lean in and explore. Ready to embrace the beauty of neurodivergence, and ready to step out of the shadows.

Welcome to Otherly where everything about you is embraced and celebrated….

Otherly Was Created For You If…

  • You were late diagnosed
  • You are tired of being judged, shamed, & criticized
  • You are tired of feeling less than everyone else
  • You were raised on neurotypical expectations  
  • You are tired of feeling like you always let people down  
  • You are tired of feeling like there is something wrong with you  
  • You’re tired of searching for something that will fix you
  • You are tired of wondering why you can’t get your life together
  • You are overwhelmed with the demands of daily life
  • You isolate because it feels safe
  • You’re tired of apologizing for who you are  
  • You’re tired of feeling crappy about yourself  
  • You’ve lost your spark for life
  • You are just damn tired of being tired

If any of the above points feel uncomfortably familiar, we invite you to check us out (and why not – it’s free!)

Meet Your Host

Meet your host Morgana, founder of Otherly. At the time of this writing Morgana is nearing her 65th birthday and wrapped up an ADHD assessment at the age of 64 –  a very late diagnosis due to a misdiagnosis back in the middle of the last century…

Morgana, a former behavioral interventionist whose work focused on preschool aged children with ASD, couldn’t help noticing how similar her behavior as a child had been to the children she was working with. She didn’t tick the boxes for ASD, but she knew for certain that the diagnosis given to her as a child was incorrect and that she was definitely some flavor of neurodivergent…

As a result of not being able to find a community that would serve her vision of support, Morgana decided to create what she was looking for. Otherly was born of that vision.

Morgana is a mother and grandmother, a writer, and home business owner. Morgana describes herself as a dopamine hunting mask master who is an extroverted introvert. She looks forward to welcoming you to Otherly – a space where your differences are celebrated and embraced.


Connection is Queen!


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