This week we are going to do a tiny bit of house minding. It’s called Showing Up for Yourself, and it’s a powerful exploration.

Over the course of this week, keep track of two instances where you could have shown up for yourself in a way that supported your experience.

For instance, perhaps you were experiencing high levels of anxiety or depression. How did you get through those feelings? Did you shut off and shut down, or were you able to take some proactive steps to support yourself?

Or maybe you had an emotional disagreement with someone you care deeply for. How did you manage through the situation? What was the outcome – positive or negative? Did you slide into familiar patterns and shut down or where you able to make yourself heard?

Get curious. Make note of two instances over the week. Note how you got through them. Did you show up for yourself, or slide into familiar habits even though they didn’t support you in the situation?

Next week we’ll have a look at a few ways that we can strengthen how we show up for ourselves.