Our Two Week Free Trial
is Full at the Moment…

We know that’s super disappointing and we are so sorry to keep you waiting! We’re busy
orienting a group of new members and we want to make sure that everyone is
comfy before we invite more members in. Comfort is Queen!!!

That said – be sure to get on our waitlist for the next intake
We’ll be in touch ASAP!!!

What You Get During Your Trial

Full access to everything that’s going on during your trial, including: Respect. Compassion. Skills, Understanding. Insight. Inclusion. Workshops. Peer Support. Confidentiality. Quests. Direction. Strength. Knowledge. Acceptance. Peace. Events. Connection with Otherly others who get you. A few laughs – maybe even a great cookie recipe or some swag, like a mug, or something… Who knows! We’re just getting started.

What You Won’t Get

We’re not on Facebook anymore, Dorothy… OTHERLY is a private, safe, and supportive community, created by neurodivergent women, for neurodivergent women and those identify as such.

You won’t find any ads, trolls or nasty comments, and we have absolutely no tolerance for unkind behavior.

About You

You. Are. Ready. 

You’re ready to live life on your terms, ready to confidently step into who you are. You’re ready to learn, get messy. Grow.

You’re not waiting for permission any more. You’re ready to lean in and explore. Ready to embrace the beauty of neurodivergence, and ready to step out of the shadows.

Welcome to Otherly where everything about you is embraced and celebrated….